Dave Farina says…

SciManDan lays the smack down on flerfs and other assorted crazies. In this age of misinformation, it’s folks like Dan that help suggestible people from being led astray, a service that is vastly underappreciated.

Dave Farina (of Professor Dave Explains) | www.professordaveexplains.com

Creaky says…

So, what can I say about Scimandan, well he just simply isn’t as good as ME!  And he not Welsh enough for my taste, but to each their own I suppose– Oh yeah, and I suppose I better say thanks for inspiring me to start my own channel.

Creaky Blinder | www.creakyblinder.com

Who is SciManDan?

SciManDan started making videos on YouTube in 2017. He quickly amassed a loyal fanbase and now has over 316,000 subscribers on YouTube and his channel is growing fast.

Currently, the SciManDan YouTube channel is averaging around 500 new subscribers per day. This is quite the accomplishment in the short amount of time that he has been on YouTube.

His most loved videos seem to be his Flat Earth Friday series, where he debunks Flat Earth theories using science, logic, and a bit of humor. His second most popular series would appear to be Tin Foil Tuesdays. A show where he features a new conspiracy theory every week and picks it apart using science and logic.

Fans seem to watch for varying reasons, most appear to like the science-based channel and SciManDan’s unique sense of humor.