COVID-19 Conspiracy? The best evidence?

Is there any evidence of a bio-weapon?

COVID-19 Conspiracy

With the glitz and glamor of a global pandemic underway, it didn’t take any time at all for conspiracies to start popping up like mushrooms after a fresh rain.

As we watched vicariously from afar as China struggled to contain the virus with draconian efforts and martial law, it seems from day one some people started to question the true origin of the COVID-19 virus.

Did it come from a Bio-Weapon laboratory? Did it originate in a so-called “wet market” that the Chinese are known for–a place where you can get strange items like bats, and weird sea animals you’ve never heard of.

The mainstream conspiracy guys on YouTube and the internet went to work right away. Throwing around all sorts of ideas from insane to somewhat plausible. There are two main conspiracies that seem to be running rampant on social media and the internet the first is that the World Health Organization made the virus to start a global pandemic just so they can create and sell a vaccine for the said virus and make massive profits on the vaccine.

The second conspiracy is that China accidentally (or purposely) leaked the virus from a bio-weapon lab there in Wuhan. This idea came from the fact that there is a bio-research lab that is located in Wuhan, which was actually written about in one of Dean Koontz’s’ books, all the way back in 1981, called The Eyes of Darkness where he writes about a bio-weapon called Wuhan-400. 

A page from The Eyes of Darkness by Dean Koontz

It’s worth noting that Wuhan-400 as described in the Koontz book had almost zero similarities to COVID-19 other than sharing the name of the city where the outbreak of COVID-19 actually occurred, Wuhan. Wuhan-400 as he describes in his book is the “perfect” bio-weapon, which “only affects humans” and “cannot live outside of the body for more than 1 minute”. This is in stark contrast to the real virus, COVID-19 that actually does live outside the body for extended periods of time, and does infect other animals.

This isn’t to say that I don’t have any concerns or questions about the virus. For one, China seems to have known about it for much longer than they should have before telling the rest of the world about it. It appears they attempted to keep it quiet, hoping to save face at the expense of lives. When dealing with such pathogens the utmost transparency should be basic protocol, and so far, the Chinese have not allowed outside investigations to take place to learn more about the origin of the virus. Therefore, the world is left trusting their statements and facts, many of which do not add up.

This is one scary virus for sure, and it’s easy to see how people might want to blame someone for its existence or assume it was created or engineered. After all, that takes the blame off the terrifying thought, which is…mother nature is a scary little beast herself. So thank goodness for science, virologists, epidemiologists, and everyone else who is on the frontier of protecting humanity from these scary-ass pathogens.

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  1. Personally, I do not know which is scarier, the actual virus, or the conspiracy theories surrounding it, especially where they bleed over into anti-vax and 5G.

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