The SciManDan Podcast Good Friends & The Science of Red Dwarf

SciManDan Podcast
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Spanners Ready and Matt Trumpets join me this week as we dissect the science from the much loved UK cult sci-fi show, Red Dwarf. How plausible could it actually be?? We discuss and have fun at the same time! Plus, they try out the legendary Guess the Conspiracy game!

The episodes we discuss today are as follows:

Series 1 Ep 1 – The End

Series 3 Ep 1 – Backwards

Series 4 Ep 4 – White Hole

Series 6 Ep 3 – Gunmen of the Apocalypse

Series 5 Ep 6 – Back to Reality

Series 6 Ep 2 – Legion

You can find the guys chatting F1 at

Spanners Twitter:

Matts Twitter:

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