Time traveler Noah finally comes clean.

Man from future owes "the present" a big apology

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Flying cars, global warming chaos, nuclear wars. These are just a few of the events that “time traveler” Noah says are yet to come. He claims to have lived it. But now he’s stuck in the past, our time.

Well, it turns out he made up the entire thing because he was bored, lonely, unemployed, and living at home with his parents.

He was featured in the second half of this video on the SciManDan channel:

The entire thing was pretty ridiculous from the start. The video proof he offered was clearly (really poor) CGI on a shaky smart phone. He offered nothing concrete as evidence. The lie detector test was administered by the same channel (ApexTV) that was profiting off the videos.

So to anyone with a mind who favors logic, evidence, and scientific proof, the entire thing was hogwash from the beggining. Well, guess what? It was…

“Noah”, real name Jason, has now confessed that the entire skit was fake. He cooked up the entire thing because he was bored, jobless, and felt like a loser.

ApexTV got lots of views on the videos and “Noah” made it onto international news programs. All the fame became like an addiction he explained. Once he became famous and went viral on YouTube he said he just couldn’t stop.

Why did he confess? He claims it was because someone found out his identity and he was receiving death threats. But who knows…

Afterall, it is very difficult to trust a liar, isn’t it.

Here is his confession video below.

Do you remember seeing “Noah” the time traveler on the news? Did you fall for his lies? Let us know in the comments below!

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